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We begin this healing phone session with a conversation about what the client would like clarity, insight and  healing on. This may be physical body, home, environment, work, relationships, finance, etc.

Then I say a prayer and ask God to send the perfect healing angels for help and healing.


We are connected through the energy fields with intention of higher dimension good. Information comes in within the senses - words, images and messages that are relayed to the client.

These sessions are informational and healing, healing comes via:  words, energy vibrations, colors, frequencies and tones that bring higher healing vibrations.  The energy healing helps balance the energy body which also balances the physical body.   This is long distance or projected energy healing, not hands on.  Many times the healing can come in from the information that is brought into understanding. This healing can be very helpful for children and pets.  We work  through the parent or pet Mom or Dad.  This works very nicely at a long distance through a phone session.  Then the pet or child can be comfortable in their own environment.

Intuitive Guidance Readings with Healing

60 minute sessions -$95  Initial sessions are usually 60 minutes • 30 minute sessions – $65

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