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You may schedule an appointment by:

- Calling or texting Heidi at 612-229-8578 

(please leave a message if you reach voicemail).


- Emailing Heidi at

In person sessions located in Otsego, MN

At this time Heidi is only accepting new clients for Energy Healing and Intuitive Readings.  These can be done by phone or Zoom



Payments are due at time of service. Payments may be made with cash, check, credit card. Phone session payments are due at time of service.

Long Distance Energy Healing (Humans or Pets)

20 minutes - $35.00 • 30 minutes - $48.00 • 40 minutes - $60.00


Bodywork (Shiatsu, CranioSacral Therapy, Lymph Drainage, Bowen Bodywork, Emotional Freedom Technique, Energy Balancing)

60 minutes – $70.00

These sessions are usually a combination and are lighter based bodywork and energy healing



Hypnotherapy -Sessions run 60-90 minutes including consultation – $90.00

7th- Path 90 minute initial session – $102.00  Includes hypnosis session and 7th path book

Free 15 minute phone consult prior to 1st hypnosis session.


Ionic Cleanse –  Detox foot bath with manual lymph drainage work

60 minutes – $70.00


Intuitive Guidance Readings with Healing

60 minute sessions -$95  Initial sessions are usually 60 minutes • 30 minute sessions – $65

These sessions can be conveniently done over the phone.


Guided Meditations

25 minutes - $60 • 45 minutes - $80

This includes pre-meditation consult and recording and sending recording.


If session extends over the scheduled minutes - appropriate addition charges will be added.

Phone consults – Initial free 15 minute consult for questions.

New clients may have questions about what type of healing session is right for them.

Please email if you have questions or to set up a time for consult.

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