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Our bodies are energetic units - we are energy beings and have energy fields around us. Sending energy is similar to the concept of a generator and receiver. One can generate energy and one can receive it all in entangled fields of energy.


We are doing this all day, sending and receiving energy and messages.

During a long distance energy healing session, I connect with the client's energy field, with permission,  and use techniques to open, clear, move and balance the body through the meridians, chakras and aura and energy fields..


This allows the energy to flow freely, which allows the body to be balanced and heal.

Meridians are the energetic pathways that flow through the arms and legs and flow into or out of the head and chest.  These are the same energetic pathways used in Shiatsu Bodywork and provide a great deal of information for the body.  They are connected to organ and functions of the body.  These meridian pathways can become blocked, excessive or deficient.

The Chakras are spinning wheels of energy through the center of our body, connecting the central nervous system to the energy outside the body.  The 7 main chakras are Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Forehead (3rd eye) and Crown.

These areas of energy start at the bottom of the torso (tailbone area) with the Root and go to the top of the head with Crown. They are the colors of the rainbow: Red, orange, Yellow, green, blue, purple, and light violet or white.

These areas of energy connect us to the energy of the universe.  We give and receive information through the chakras. They are associated with organs and systems in the areas that they occupy and also emotions and beliefs about self and the universe. The Aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds your body and extends 4-5 feet out.  The health of a person is connected to the condition of the Aura. 

I use different techniques to balance the energy of the Chakras, Meridians and Aura. Chakra and meridian work is relaxing, healing and promotes a state of well-being for our energetic bodies.

Long Distance Energy Healing (Humans or Pets)

20 minutes - $45.00 • 30 minutes - $65.00.• 45 minutes - $80.00 • 60 minutes - $95.00  

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