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Meditation is a mental exercise that can affect your physical, mental and emotional body.

When you meditate, you become aware of your inner-self. Your breathing becomes slower, you move out of the "fight or flight" state, your cortisol levels decrease, your blood pressure lowers, you create happy thought and a better attitude.

You can use meditation for relaxing, goal focus and healing.

Guided Meditations help you to move into this relaxed aware state.  They can be focused on a specific purpose or just to keep you on track with stillness and awareness of breath. Heidi can lead you on your personal journey with a Guided Meditation.


These Guided Meditations are specific for the individual's needs and can be recorded for re-listening Most people experience a profound improvement in well-being with regular meditation. Even 15 minutes of daily meditation can make changes mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. This can be a part of a Long Distance Healing Session.

Guided Meditations

25 minutes - $60 • 45 minutes - $80

This includes pre-meditation consult and recording and sending recording.


Grounding meditation

to bring you into balance

Chakra balancing meditation

Feeling whole body peace meditation

Releasing pain meditation

Detoxing meditation

Healing for a specific

issue meditation

Opening to greater awareness meditation

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