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with Heidi Gilman

- Energy Healing -

- Restorative Hypnosis -

- Intuitive Guidance Readings -

- Guided Meditations -

- Bodywork -

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meet Heidi

Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pain is your body
trying to tell you something. It is my mission to help each individual move through these blockages and 
release pain and baggage, leaving room for healing. 

I call upon 23 years of training and experience in time-honored techniques to guide  clients through their healing journey. 

"All I can say is Heidi's energy healings are amazing!  I've done both energy work and hypnosis over the phone and have had tremendous success.  Heidi always knows exactly what I need and has incredible powers through the angels above.  She is very informative about chakras and what energy is needed in that moment.  I would describe Heidi as insightful, analytical, educated and soothing. Heidi has helped me in my darkest moments and I am very grateful for her work.  I recommend Heidi's energy work with the highest of love."

Nancy W.


"Heidi is very in-tune with how the body operates and can give you several tips and tricks to assist in healing even after her work is done! I started seeing Heidi for chronic neck/shoulder pain, and inflammation.  I always left feeling so much better, and after a while the issue wasn’t so chronic anymore! She is AMAZING!!"

Leanne W.

"I have been working with Heidi for the last 3 years on whole mind, body and spirit.  She has helped me overcome chronic illness, thyroid disease and infertility.  I have referred so many people to her and everyone has seen positive results.  Heidi is a gifted healer and I am lucky to have found her."

Melanie B.


Consciousness - Present, healthy living. 

Respect - For each other, the earth and our intuition.

Sustainability - Meeting our human needs in balance with environment and nature

Adaptability - Life changes, we adapt and grow

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