Welcome to Harmony for Body, Mind and Soul!

Heidi Gilman uses intuitive guidance and  time honored  techniques to create individualized healing sessions and programs.  These sessions and classes help heal and empower individuals to move forward on their own healing path.


 These techniques can be used for many conditions such as:  Musculoskeletal pain, PMS, Headaches, Fatigue, Stress, helping with Detoxification, Immune Support, balancing the Energy of the body and to relax, release stress and feel great.

Bodywork can help harmonize and fortify the body’s natural healing powers.  Disruptive emotions can be released through bodywork.  These techniques provide healing for body, mind and soul!.  

  • Shiatsu Bodywork/Massage
  • Asian Bodywork Techniques
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Ionic Cleanse Footbath/with lymph
  • Hands on Energy work
  • Intuitive Reading with Energy Healing
  • Quantum Techniques Energy work


These sessions can help to clear that subconscious and mental baggage and reprogram the mind for healing, bringing new perceptions and understandings that enlighten.  Releasing subconscious and emotional baggage, removes a layer of internal stress.Internal stress leads to disease. 

By using These Mental and Emotional Healing Techniques we also bring healing to the physical body – we are one unit!  

  • 5 Path and 7th Path Hypnotherapy
  • Emotional Release including Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Quantum Techniques
  • Intuitive Reading with Energy Healing


Spiritual healing helps bring back a feeling of wholeness, empowerment and a sense of positive well-being.  Many times clients discover many things about themselves that they were not aware of and this can bring a feeling of peace and joy in self and their relationship to others and the world – a purpose!  Physical healing also occurs with Spiritual healing.  Spiritual healing is not a religion.  Religion is how one practices their own Spiritual beliefs.  Individuals religions are respected.

Everyone has a Soul! – Spiritual healing is healing at the soul level – wholeness.  

  • Essence Gathering and Clearing 
  • Intuitive Reading with  Energy Healing
  • 7th-Path Self-Hypnosis
  • Angel Readings with Healing
  • Emotional Release

Healing Sessions in Office or Long Distance.

Healing Sessions are provided at Otsego, MN location 612-229-8578 and at Tree of Life Wellness Center 5675 LaCentre Ave., Albertville, MN 55301 763-321-0025

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In Office Sessions Include: Bodywork, Hypnosis, Hands on Energy work, Intuitive Reading with Energy Healing, Quantum Techniques, Emotional Freedom Technique,  Soul Essence Healing, Ionic Foot bath.     Tree of Life Wellness Center 5676 LaCentre Ave. Albertville, MN 55301 763-321-0025.  Otsego, MN location 612-229-8578.  Harmony for Body, Mind and Soul is an unscented healing session. Please do not wear  products, including essential oils, for your session. This is to respect the health of the clients and practitioners. It can also alter the ability to use effective energy testing. See Fees tab for pricing Long Distance Healing Sessions include: Essence Gathering and Healing Sessions, Intuitive Readings with Energy Healing, Angel Readings with Energy Balancing, Emotional Freedom Technique, , 7- Path Hypnosis. Sessions are paid at the time with credit card.  See Fees tab for pricing.

Healing for Animals

Pets can receive Energy Healing just as their human companions can.

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Pets can benefit from Energy Alignments, Essence Gathering and Clearing Sessions (especially those rescue pets), Sensory Perception Energy Healing and more. If your pet is in need of healing you can email me their signs and symptoms and I can suggest a treatment for them. Much healing can be done long distance for the animals. It is beneficial for the pets “Mom or Dad” to have an energy alignment too as the pets tune into our energy fields. We affect their actions, health and well-being. For pricing see Fees tab.

Testimonials – 

The day I found Heidi was a God send! For 10 years I had suffered with continuous body pain from TMJ surgeries and Fibromyalgia. Unresolved pain and stress filled work environments caused me to also suffer with depression and anxiety.  At the urging of a family member I decided to give Heidi and Body Work (Shiatsu) a try.  At my first appointment I felt that Heidi instinctively understood my pain.  She was able to support me physically, emotionally and spiritually.  She knew what I needed.  Then she got to work on my body, helping the energy to flow freely and heal my pain.  I cannot do without her support!  Thank you, you are a bright light in my life!     D.H.  (click on Testimonials for more testimonials)