We are so glad we found Heidi.  One of our Great Danes, “Harlo”, was having trouble controlling her back legs and was slumping in the back end.  After meeting Heidi at a Pet Expo, I knew I wanted to take Harlo to see her.  After one visit with Heidi, she changed our lives. Heidi treated Harlo and within 2 weeks Harlo’s whole posture, energy and attitude changed.  She is now a happy and confident girl!  She has control of her back legs and barely slumps!  Big Improvement!  We see Heidi for what I call “Tune Ups”, and Harlo LOVES IT!  The caring and compassion Heidi has for animals is truly apparent.




A scientific explanation is that shiatsu calms an overactive sympathetic nervous system, which improves circulation, relieves stiff muscles, and alleviates stress.

So why I choose Shiatsu Bodywork Massage; in my 54 years, my body has accumulated a buildup of steady pain. Shiatsu massage targets the pain and brings calm and relief. Shiatsu has opened up the pathway for these areas to heal after many years of just getting by gritting my teeth.  I have always been a strong supporter of massage in general but the difference from traditional massage and Shiatsu massage is the targeting the actual hot spots in my body that are stressed and easing the restrictions with the energy work so I heal. Heidi has healing hands.

Pam N.


The day I found Heidi was a godsend! For 10 years I had suffered with continuous body pain from TMJ surgeries and Fibromyalgia. Unresolved pain and stress filled work environments caused me to also suffer with depression and anxiety.  At the urging of a family member I decided to give Heidi and Body Work (Shiatsu) a try.  At my first appointment I felt that Heidi instinctively understood my pain.  She was able to support me physically, emotionally and spiritually.  She knew what I needed.  Then she got to work on my body, helping the energy to flow freely and heal my pain.  I cannot do without her support!  Thank you, you are a bright light in my life!



Essence Gathering and Clearing  Healing Session

Heidi Gilman has this uncanny ability to know exactly what healing I need, it’s like she can see my soul right through any facades I’ve created.

For years I carried many burdens that seemed to stop me from leading a whole life. I had several miscarriages and have always wondered what happened to the souls of those lost babies. During this Healing Session, Heidi connected with their essences and gave me the opportunity to hold them in my arms before releasing them to the light. Knowing that my babies are okay gave me closure on their loss that I needed for so many years.

As a child I had been sexually abused several times  but I blocked most of the details, but because of this trauma I have always felt like relationships were only physical. But now l realize that I am worthy of being loved in a much deeper and healthier way, now I can clearly determine what relationships are not healthy for me. The healing session removed visual barriers that now allow me to see things more clearly, to see part of my essence jump out of my body when I am fearful, to calm that fear and invite my  parts back in to my body. Through this healing Heidi gave me healing from that childhood trauma in ways that talking to a Therapist for years has not been able to touch.

I work at a computer every day and I thought it caused this tightness on my right side that ran from my head to my shoulder from front to back like a heavy weight that I always carried on my shoulder. Through this healing session,  some attachments that had been causing me this physical pain for many years were released. Heidi connected me with the light energy from the Divine that cleansed me, and brought me truth. I had a vision of a white dove, which to me represents new birth and a renewed life. All of this healing that the healing session brought to me is an indescribable, uplifting spiritual experience. I am so thankful for the Healing  brought to me and I am so thankful for being able to put me in touch with my essence, teaching me how to keep my spiritual self safe, bringing me the pure joy of feeling my soul dancing through my body when I’m worshiping God,unlike anything I’ve ever known  Heidi looked through my physical being, connected me with my soul, and brought me joy and peace that I have never known before in my entire life. She is a truly gifted woman who cares for others with her whole being. She is a gift to anyone who chooses to accept it. I am thankful I chose her.

Thank you,


In my heart, I always knew that I wanted to be a mom.  When I became pregnant for the first time, my husband and I were both thrilled.  At 18 weeks, we had an ultrasound to determine the gender of our baby. During that appointment, we learned that our baby would not make it full-term. We had already invested our hopes and dreams in this little one… and were devastated by the news. A few weeks later, I had a miscarriage.  It broke my heart, I felt stripped of the joy that many first time moms are fortunate to experience.  My subsequent pregnancies (I now have two beautiful children) went smoothly, but the pain and trauma of the initial loss remained with me. Heidi suggested an Essence Gathering ad Clearing sessionb to help make me whole again.  At first I was nervous and skeptical, but decided to move ahead.  I didn’t want the pain of such an intimate loss to prevent me from being the type of mom that I wanted to be.  I wanted to be able to love my kids fully, without fear.  The Healing session has allowed me to do that.  I was able to release the pain, and see my first pregnancy experience through a different lens… where my first child’s soul became intertwined with mine, still with me, just in a different way than I expected. I went from a state of traumatic loss to one of knowing my first child is forever in the loving arms of my soul.  There is obviously much more to my story (my life has since been enhanced in other ways) — but I know that I would not have been able to make this transformation on my own, and am forever grateful to Heidi for helping me in such a life-changing way.  ~ Patty




After 30 plus years, I associated smoking with most things I did.  Working in construction, I couldn’t pound a nail in straight without a cigarette hanging from my mouth. I had tried about every way known to mankind to quit – all without success. From gum, patches, Chantix, breathe laser, cold turkey the list goes on and on… With only short term progress and weird side effects, I was still smoking a pack a day. After discussing my unwanted long term addiction with Heidi, she suggested 7yh Path”Self-Hypnosis” to me. I’m glad she did. Just a few days after the first treatment, I was finding myself more relaxed. I was no longer struggling to quit. I was quitting! My overwhelming urges to light up were being over taken by a new feeling “calmness”. Heidi’s 7th Path Self- Hypnosis course has provided me with confidence to succeed.



You know how it feels when your life just doesn’t add up? When you say to yourself over and over: What is wrong with me? I’d ask myself: if I had all of the money and time in world, what would I like to do? The answer was Nothing. I had become completely uninterested in almost everything. I simply was not thriving. It was time for me to do some serious emotional house-cleaning.

Heidi Gilman is a healer. She is my teacher, guide, friend and advocate. Heidi and I started working together with the 7th Path Self-Hypnosis Program. Using the 7th Path program, she taught me how to quiet my conscious mind and let my subconscious mind reveal beliefs, issues and other thoughts that were weighing me down. The most amazing part of this method was this: as each negative thing surfaced, all I have to do was acknowledged it and it dissipated. The feelings of freedom from anxiety and worry were immediate and continued to evolve over the ten months we worked through the 7th Path program.

This was the most useful experience I had had in years. I became hopeful and more energetic about moving forward in my life. Because the 7th Path is a self-hypnosis program, I can tune into it whenever I need to address an old issue that might pop-up, or work through a new situation. I use 7th Path to push myself, to explore thoughts and ideas as well as calm and re-center myself.

The gift that Heidi brings to me and the friends I have recommended to her, is her vast knowledge of the Healing Arts. She understands how energy flows through us, between us and within us. Heidi and I have been working together for the last three and a half years. She is my go-to person when it comes to staying healthy and happy. At this point in my life, I am thriving and excited about today and tomorrow.

Thank you, Heidi!




Energy Healing

For the last 2 ½ years I have been listening to podcasts and have attended 2 classes given by Heidi Gilman and Tom Miller.  I have greatly appreciated all of the healing information they have given during this time.

Repeatedly during this time Heidi’s intuitiveness has been evident and I felt confident in choosing to work with her because of this.  This confidence gave me a trust with her suggestions for healing techniques to be worked with. Quantum Techniques Energy Healing, EFT, Angelic Guided Healing and Iionic Cleanse have been used so far, with additional tools to use at home also.

In May I came down with severe Shingles in throat, ear canal, ear, face, and scalp which then brought on Bell’s Palsy. As I was healing from this I experienced something hard to explain. It was like a disconnect and part of my brain was unreachable or separate. After working with Heidi I felt both an immediate difference and a continued healing.

I am very thankful for Heidi and Tom’s work and especially grateful for Heidi’s help.   I am excited to continue on this healing and learning journey.

Pam H.

Quantum Techniques has been a blessing for our family. We started out with focus on our daughter who has an autism label and pretty soon were seeing how it could help all of us. This technique has given us more insight into all that there truly is and all that we have access to if we are aware and open to it. We are very grateful!

Dr. S


A few months ago I started Quantum Techniques at Dr. Miller’s office, generally working with Heidi. Since then I have much more energy – which is really noticeable at the end of my work day. I have been cleared from a fungal condition and a “burning” sensation of my skin. I am now targeting a gallbladder issue with QT and am expecting to reestablish health in that area as well.  I really like the fact that QT recognizes that ultimately all healing comes from God and this is one of His channels.




Combined treatments

I have been a client of Heidi’s for approximately 10 years.  She has worked with me for issues such as gall bladder pain, low energy, headaches, depression and pain in neck, back wrist, etc.

What draws me to her is her attitude of “sharing, caring and loving”, not only to people, but also to animals of all kinds.

I believe that Heidi has been blessed with “healing hands” along with a compassionate attitude to “help people” to “help themselves” to want to change their issues to become more healthier both in mind and body.

She continues to seek out more education so she can continue to learn more techniques to pass down to her clients.

Heidi is easy to talk to, easy to understand and has a heart full of gratitude.