Shiatsu Bodywork – Massage Discount Card.

Purchase a set of 4 Shiatsu Bodywork – Massage sessions for $225.00 – regular price $248.

Shiatsu Bodywork-Massage sessions are 60 minutes and may include CranioSacral Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage.

This is a good way to make some progress on physical issues on the body or to release accumulated stress and relax the body, increase circulation and energy flow – bringing a sense of well-being to the body.

These sessions must be used in 8 weeks.


Ionic Cleanse Detox Foot-bath Discount Card

Purchase a set of 4 Ionic Cleanse Detox Foot-baths for $160.00 – regular price $180.00

These sessions must be used in 4 weeks.

These sessions include a 30 minute Ionic cleanse foot-bath with manual lymphatic drainage work while you are enjoying your foot-bath.

This is a good opportunity to support your body with a series of detoxification sessions.


Sampler Discount Card  

This is a set of four sessions to be used in 8 weeks.  This is a good opportunity to try some different healing methods or get a variety of healing on your “whole” self.

These sessions include:  2 sessions of bodywork (Shiatsu and Asian bodywork/CranioSacral Therapy/Lymph Drainage), one Ionic Cleanse with Lymph work and on Intuitive Reading with Energy Healing session.

Cost is $220.00 (normally $244.00 for those 4 services)


Introductory Special – Intuitive Reading with Energy Healing!

 Healing for Body, Mind and Soul!

This healing session can be in office or over the phone.

Brief description:  Issues to be worked on can include health (physical, emotional, spiritual), career, living space, relationships, finances.

We will present the issue to be worked on and create healing intention.

Then I will view the  energy body (like an intuitive reading), translate that into words (presented as pictures, messages, and words).

We offer healing to the energy body reflecting in the physical body  via:  energy vibrations, words, colors, frequencies and tones that can clear lower vibrations and replace them with higher healing vibrations.


This is a wonderful healing that can bring Peace, Information and Understanding as well as releasing and healing.

Your first session for $57.00, normally $78.00 (60 minutes – this includes consult, evaluation and healing and payment)


Let Your Light Shine” workshop featuring 7th Path Self Hypnosis

Release, Renew and Let Your Light Shine.

This will be a series of classes every 2 weeks.  We will be learning and using 7th Path Self-Hypnosis for healing as well as Qi Gong, Meditation, working with colors and sounds and movement.

Learning this as a group provides you with opportunity to learn with others as well as a discount in price verses individual sessions.

These are tools you can use for the rest of your life for your own self-healing!  These techniques can help you heal body, mind and soul. Release that long held subconscious baggage and mis-beliefs and move forward with clarity, confidence and a sense of peace and well-being.

If you are interested please contact me at shiatsu_for_you@hotmail.com.

Next group sessions will start in the fall of 2017


Summer Special!

Beat the heat!  Release tension and stress, relax and take in some healing bodywork.

Purchase 2  Shiatsu Bodywork sessions, one for now, one for later.  $100.00 for 2 sessions

This special good for now through the end of August 2017