We all have a spirit and a soul!

There are many levels to healing and Spiritual healing can be the missing link at times. 

The Spirit lies within the individual, a personal guide, the force that gives one life.  The Soul is the Spiritual part of the being, feelings, thoughts, actions. Connected to physical body but not physical body.  

Spiritual Healing is not religion.  Religion is how one practices their Spirituality.  Individual’s religions are respected.

Mental,Physical and Emotional stresses in life can leave us exhausted and lead us off our path to fulfillment.

Spiritual healing helps bring back a feeling of wholeness, empowerment and a sense of positive well-being.  Many times clients discover many things about themselves that they were not aware of and this can bring a feeling of peace and joy in self and their relationship to the world – a purpose!  Physical healing also occurs with Spiritual healing. 

When we heal  Body, Mind and Soul we become “alive” and full of Life, putting us  on our path to Joy, Inner Peace, Growth, Better Health and Fulfillment!




Essence Gathering and Healing Sessions

These healing sessions can be done in office, or long distance.  The session may include: Essence  Retrievals and , Healing with Light for Business, Family Unit, Buildings, Land and Homes.There are usually messages for the client that may be portrayed with metaphors or pictures.  The lost essence, fragments of the soul essence that left during a time of trauma is returned to the body making it whole.  It is not the traumatized part, it is the part that is needed to be whole again and it brings a gift for the body.

Sessions are done in office or remote). The client does not have to be on the phone during a remote healing session, a recording of explanation is sent.  Client can send a picture to connect with for the session.  We have a brief phone conversation before the start of the session.  There may be a combination of healing techniques during the healing session.

The session will play out as intended for the best healing of the client.

Having an intention for healing before the session can help open the energy channels for healing your body and prepare you to receive healing vibrations. Heidi can send you instructions for this before your appointment day if you choose to do so.

The Healing Session may involve:

Soul Essence Retrieval

Essence (our spirit energy that is who we are) loss occurs when a person has gone through an experience or trauma that has caused them to go through a loss of a fragment of soul essence. Such as, loss of loved one, abuse, accident, sick, illness, traumatic time in life.  This leaves a person vulnerable,  a feeling of emptiness, “I have never felt the same since ___.” Or, “Something is missing in my life, business, home, etc.”   Essence retrieval can be done for:  Individuals, Families, Children, Pets, Business, Buildings, Land, or Home.

Power Animal Retrieval

God created the animals too!  Do you ever take time to observe the animals and notice how amazing they are?   The power animals are our helping animal angels. All the animals have special characteristics and talents that can enhance the healing for a client.  Particular animals will show up for what is needed for the client.  The power animals each have distinct characteristics that help us to have understanding and can bring healing.  Such as the Turtle can show up and teach us to be slow and sure and that we always have protection along the way.  The Zebra may help us see that things are not just in black and white.  The Giraffe can help us to see that we need to stretch up to look at the whole picture and see not what is just in front of us.


7th Path™ Self-Hypnosis

7th Path™ was developed by Calvin Banyan MA and is a revolutionary step forward in the use of hypnosis.

This program is a Mind-Body-Spirit approach to releasing  subconscious programming that hinders us from moving forward in our life path.  Then the mind is free-er and more able to be open to re-programming more positive thought patterns.
7 Path Self-Hypnosis is taught in approximately 6 hypnosis sessions, depending on the goals and needs of the client.

Our subconscious mind holds memory of everything from time of conception.  We accumulate much baggage and beliefs from childhood or outdated times of life.
In this program you will detox your mind, helping to eliminate old programs, before you start giving yourself suggestions for change.  This allows room for change.
7th Path™  Self-Hypnosis is a special form of self-hypnosis that encourages you to incorporate your own highest spiritual or philosophical beliefs.
This kind of approach brings a welcome focus to the practice of self-hypnosis, inviting this kind of power and wisdom into the process.
7th Path™  is simple.
In just a few hours you can master these techniques and use them to make powerful changes in your life.
This simple process can help you to move along in life, removing your past old blockages to success.
Issues can be worked out in the privacy of your own mind.

With 7th Path™  Self-Hypnosis you don’t have to tell anyone about your problems or about your past.  The work is done completely within yourself.

There are exercises we can do together that help to bring balance to your energy body, mind and soul.

7th Path Self-Hypnosis is a wonderful technique that you can use for the rest of your life!

Do you have a group that would like to learn this healing technique?  Group sessions are available


Intuitive Reading with Energy Healing

In this session we talk about the issue or issues the client wants to work on.  This may be physical body, home, environment, work, relationship, finance, etc.

 We decide on a healing intention.  

Then I view the issue(s) in the client’s projected energy body and aura field.   The information comes in with senses, words, pictures, messages, etc.

 Healing comes via:  words, energy vibrations, colors, frequencies and tones that can clear lower vibrations and replace them with higher healing vibrations.  The energy healing helps balance the energy body which also balances the physical body.   This healing can be very helpful for children and pets.  We work through the parent or pet Mom or Dad.  The healing session can also help bring healing to a situation in ones life.


 Angel Readings with Healing 

During an Angel Reading, we start with a prayer for the client and invite the Divine Healing Angels that are the best for the client and the situation to join our session.  The session is guided by the angels, bringing clarity and healing for the client.  These sessions are intuitive readings guided by the angels – and the healing is energy, messages and vibration balancing provided with the guidance of the angels.