Healing Again!

20 years ago I started my self-healing journey from a life changing illness.  18 years ago I began my new passion and livelihood as a healing practitioner. It started with completing my studies at MN Center for Shiatsu Study.  This opened my eyes to the bodies wonderful self-healing abilities and I began my practice as a Shiatsu Practitioner.  I started my business as “Shiatsu for You”.  As with most in the healing arts, one thing came after another.  I connected with the energy of the body and studied energy healing.  Then realized that the mind must heal as well and studied hypnotherapy, EFT and other Mind-Body healing.  I changed the name of my business to “Harmony for Body and Mind.”  Once again feeling balanced, until the constant nudge of soul healing kept knocking at my door.   This brought me to “Harmony for Body, Mind and Soul.”  Spring of 2015 I was feeling on track and very grateful.  I felt like I had made so much progress in my own healing path – physically, emotionally and spiritually.  But I still was always catering to  some digestive issues that I never really healed and had just come to accept.  I made the statement to God and the Universe one day.  “I feel so good and I am so grateful but I have never really figured out this digestive issue of mine.  That is my goal for this year.”  One week later I had a terrible case of Gastritis that I could not get a handle on with all the natural healing that I was doing or receiving from others.  I... read more

Happy Birthday to ME!

Today is my Birthday! It seems especially special this year.  I woke up this morning feeling so grateful for so many things:  My Health, My Loved ones, including the furry ones, The great human beings, that my grown children have become, The beauty of Nature all around us, My work in the field of Body, Mind, Spirit Healing- and this ever learning journey of Life – each day a new beginning. 20 years ago today I didn’t feel that way.  I was actually in the hospital on my 33rd birthday, very sick, and sick of being sick.  The auto – immune illness that I had been struggling with over that last year was at it’s worst and I had lost hope.  All the medical profession had to offer me was more medication and un-encouraging words such as “You need to get over it”, “You can live on Ensure”, “There is nothing we can do for you, get on with your life”, and because they could not find the answers, “You are making this up”.  Well now I have to say, “Thank you!”  Because there were no answers, I knew I had to find the answers.  A friend guided me to a Chiropractic Doctor – Dr. Thomas Miller, who started me on my road to health.  With his help and many other healing practitioners I began to heal.  I became interested in this whole understanding of our energetic bodies, healing, nutrition, detox, mind, body and spirit healing.  Many healing sessions later, many hours of books and classes and studies later, many prayers later – here I am.  At age 53 – feeling... read more

Learning, Lessons and Love from Aaron

I lost my canine buddy Aaron this week.  He received a spinal injury while doing his job of protecting the property this spring, chasing a wild large cat out of the yard that he so loved, and took such pride in keeping rodent free.  This progressed with complications over 2 months, that took his life.  I adopted Aaron along with my other canine friend Savannah 7 years ago.  We had lost our little Cockapoo Katie and the home felt empty.  We decided to adopt and I saw there was an adoption for some rescue dogs the next weekend.  I saw the picture of Aaron and new I needed to give that little guy a home.  Everybody said, “Why did you pick him?  He has no self-worth, he is sickly looking, skinny and non-intelligent.”  It was true.  He was sickly, skinny and paced and had no attention span.  But something inside told me to get him.  Savannah was skinny, her nose a little chewed up and fearful but not the extreme issues Aaron had.  With the help of a good holistic vet I detoxed Aaron and filled him with good nutrition, that was just right for him.  He was so sensitive to many foods and once I got that figured out things started getting better.  We started with scaly skin and dander, yellowish tinge to eyes, overgrown nails,  incontinence wearing diapers, barky, impatient and fearful.  Then he started to be very protective and nipping ankles as people approached the house.  As his health improved we started working on behavior.  Obedience class 1 and 2.  Then agility.  Energy work and lots... read more

Angelic Messages, Wisdom and Inspiration

I would like to introduce a friend of mine – Molly Friedenfeld.  Wow!  Talk about a positive, upbeat, inspiration to mankind!  I have had Angel reading sessions with Molly that were truly enlightening.  Her heart and her connection to the Divine are true and passionate.  She also has a wonderful connection to God’s creation including all the wonderful animals!  I recommend her two books – “The book of simple human truths”.  I this book you will learn about Molly’s journey that brought her to her life as an Angel Messenger and inspirational healer.  “Becoming an Earthly Angel”, helps you to see all the signs from the angels and step into your Earth Divinity!  Both are filled with positivity, something we can not get enough of these days.  Check out her website for workshops, angel readings, and her own radio show!... read more

Liver Cleansing

I am just coming out of my Spring Cleaning on my Liver and feeling good.  It is a great time to do this as it is the Liver/Gallbladder time of year and the change over to spring.  Time to get rid of the accumulation from winter and make space for new growth in the spring.  Time to expel those parasites, sludge and stored angry, irritated and resentful emotions. I did a modified version that worked well this time so I will share my method.  Of course make sure you compatible with products it calls for- do some research to make sure this is for you.  I start with making an intention to be true to the cleanse in all aspects:  What I eat, what I wear, what I think and meditate about and how I move – exercise.  I start the week with a clean diet:  avoid all processed foods, eat plenty of vegetables organic is best, some smaller amounts of lean protein (chicken, turkey, protein powder) ,  2 organic apples a day,  and some organic oats or rice and lots of filtered water.  Most flushes call for drinking large amounts of organic apple juice but this is too much sugar for me so I take a few Malic acid capsules each day to loosen up the stagnant bile in the liver.  Also eliminate oils and fat from your diet.  At the beginning of the week I do some more aggressive exercise, aerobic type, running – something that makes me sweat good, and lots of walking.  I spend more time to myself in mindfulness: reading, meditation, prayer and get... read more

Shamanic Healing Principles

My practice includes Shamanic Healing Sessions.  This raises a question eye for many.  I certainly would never consider myself a Shaman.  I believe this is reserved for specific cultures or tribes of healers that have passed down healing gifts through the tribal generations or through the tribal members.  I am not from an authentic tribe.  I am a plain  American Christian. I do use the title of Shamanic Practitioner.  One who practices the concepts of Core Shamanic teachings.  Core Shamanism consists of the universal principles and practices of Shamanism not bound to specific culture groups or perspectives.  Core Shamanic teachings were researched and developed by Michael Harner in the 1980s.  I use these teaching to connect with my Spiritual healing guides and angels and be a conduit for healing.  Core Shamanic teachings brings a greater connection, appreciation and understanding to the plant and animal life- and really God’s creation.  I think of the animal totems or power animals, as animal angels that have unique gifts to bring, that help us heal physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Have you ever thought about what the animals teach us?  For instance the turtle shows us we have protection all around us, and to take it slow but sure as we travel along.  The Parrot tells us to speak up and show our beautiful colors.  The Dolphin brings us smiles and joy and is connected to his family pod.  The Rabbit remind you to be careful about leaping from one thing to another too quickly.  If you pay attention they have so much to teach us.  Have you really thought about our connection with plant life?  The plants take... read more

3 Nutritious Recipes to Share

I would like to share 3 healthy recipes that I use on a regular basis. Two for us humans and one that I use for my dog friends. Yummy Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free Muffins.  I love these muffins and share them with friends and family.  This is the basic recipe and you can change it up a bit too. In one bowl mix dry ingredients:  2/3 cup gluten free oats, 1/2 cup oat bran or steel cut oats, 1 and 1/4 cup oat flour, 2 teaspoons baking soda (maybe a tad less), 1/2 teaspoon baking powder, 1/2 teaspoon sea salt, optional 1 and 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon.  Sometimes I add ground flax seeds for flavor and nutrition. (1/4 cup) In a different bowl mix 2 eggs, 1 and 1/2 cup pumpkin or sugar free applesauce. (I have also used sweet potato puree), 1/2 cup water, 1/4 cup oil (I use light olive or grape-seed extract.) Then I cut up 2 small skinned apples ( I use one Gala and one Granny Smith for a mixed flavor).  Add this to the dry ingredients.  If using applesauce instead of the pumpkin I use raisins or blueberries. Fold together and mix the ingredients then put in oiled muffin pan.  (I like the ceramic pans) You can sprinkle some Chia seeds on top if you like and slightly mix top with a fork. Bake at 350 for 27-30 min. Spread some nut butter on top and makes a great breakfast to go.   Flax, Oat Snack Bake This came from 2 different recipes.  First I had read about drinking a flax tea... read more

Winter illness remedies.

It is that time of the year – colds, flu bugs, viruses, sore throats and all those nasty things that come around and bring us down. I have found it helpful to have some remedies on hand to treat these right when they start and win the battle.  I find it helpful to treat the virus in 3 ways.  Something to kill the virus or bacteria, something to boost the immune system and something to help move it on out.  Everybody has their favorites, here are some of mine that I keep on hand:  To go after the virus or bacteria – grapefruit seed extract, olive leaf, colloidal silver, oregano oil and MMS with citric acid solution.  One of these will usually do the trick,  taking it frequently.  If you can muscle test which one works best for the virus you have, that will help to make the best most effective choice.  If you are not sure- try holding it, thinking about your symptoms and see which one feels the best.  To boost the immune system – Vitamin C (I take this every hour the first day to get a jump start on strengthening my immune system), Vitamin D, Probiotics, Tumeric and Astragalus. (There are many more immune boosting products – it helps to have a couple to choose from – checking for better strength with each product.)  Making a pitcher of green juice and drinking all day can make me feel better right away.  Then something to move it out.  I like to use Bentonite  Clay with Psyllium Husk to absorb the toxins in the gut and move them... read more

HEAL – Healing through moving and flowing energy.

Happy New Year!  Welcome to HEAL.  This is a Blog that I have started to help inform and share healthy healing tips.  I had a dream about calling it HEAL. This could stand for a lot of things.  Help Everyone And Love.  Heel Earth And Live.  Hear Each Animal Laugh!  Who knows but it is intended to share healing tips and information. 1-1-2015 Healing through moving and flowing Energy. Much of the work that I do, and other people in the healing fields, involves moving energy “Qi”.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine the belief is that if our Qi is free flowing without blockages we are healthy and vibrant.  When we develop blockages we have issues.  If you think about a pond of water or a flowing stream – you picture life.  Green plants, swimming fish, water movement.  But if the flow is blocked and there is no circulation it becomes stagnant.  It may develop a scum or algae, the plants may rot, fish may die.  The lack of flow has created disease in the environment of this water.  So the same is true in our body.  We want things moving and flowing.  You want your blood moving and flowing, your other fluids, your digestion, your respiration, your lymphatics, your cranial fluids.  And to take it a step further – your thoughts, actions and emotions.  When things stop or get blocked we can start having issues – small issues or very big complicated issues, as there are more blockages. How do these blockages get started? Many things can cause blockages of Energy in the body including:  Physical trauma, pathogens (virus, bacteria, fungus,... read more